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Quality Financial Advice can help you achieve what you want whatever stage of life you are at.  The earlier you plan your financial future the better, however in saying so it is never too late to start.
We will work with you by understanding your situation and goals, and put practical workable plans in place to help you achieve them.
Once the plan is implemented, we will be your financial coach and work with you through all the inevitable changes in life so you stay on track.

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Building a Solid Foundation

Peace of mind starts with a strong foundation. Long standing buildings no matter how small or tall they are – stand on a strong foundation. The financial future of an individual or a business, just as in the case of buildings, needs a strong foundation.

Setting Goals

Our first port of call in this journey of Money for Life starts with understanding what we want to achieve during our lifetime. Accordingly, establishing milestones of desired outcomes and lifestyle sets the base for a solid foundation.
As time flies by goals often change or take a new form. So a practical plan is required that can not only address the original goals but also ensure it is flexible enough to monitor and adopt changes. A Quality Financial Adviser will see you through all the phases in this journey and will guide you along your desired path.

Cashflow Management

Good Cash Flow management is a simple yet powerful concept and sets a strong foundation that businesses or individuals need to build a sustainable and bright financial future.
We work hard for our money and often money flows in and without us giving it much thought, flows out. A budget is an amazing tool that can help us manage our finances. All we need to do is dedicate a little time to it and it will work wonders.
While managing day to day expenses is essential it is also important to realise rainy days do exist. Small savings can save us a lot of trouble down the path, especially during those much needed rainy days.
It is never too late, you can get started today, call us here at Yanush Financial Services so we can set you up on the right track.

Risk Insurance Advice

Personal Insurance

No-one deliberately intends to get hurt or involved in untoward incidents, however, everyday we cross paths with elements we have no control over. This is the reason we insure our assets, businesses, income, our wellbeing and our life. An essential part of setting up a good foundation and for peace of mind is to ensure that we are able to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our assets.

A range of insurance providers and solutions are available to protect your financial assets and the loved ones you could leave behind. Call us today to discuss your options.

Every plan should consider the following:

Income Protection

Ensuring continuity in our income (usually our biggest asset) in the event of sickness or accident
What if we are unable to work due to sickness or accident?

Life insurance

Financial Protection we leave behind for our loved ones
How will our loved ones cope or achieve their goals if we were to pass away?

Total and Permanent Disability

Financial Protection where one is totally and permanently disabled due to sickness or accident
How do we cope with permanent disability and its impact on our finances?

Trauma Cover

Financial Protection in the event of a critical illness being diagnosed
How do we cope when we have to take time off work or pay big bills due to an event of critical illness?

Business Insurance

Small and medium size business owners have an additional asset – their business. It could be a single owner, partner or major stakeholder in a company.  Then there are the employees who are an asset to the business and loss of their talent and skill may have a huge financial impact on the business.  Either way, death or physical or mental impairment could affect their duties and the business.  How then would they protect their asset?

Here’s a few solutions:

  • Key Person insurance or Keyman Insurance
  • Buy/Sell agreement with insurance funding
  • Group insurances
    • Income Protection
    • Life and Total and Permanent Disability
  • Group Superannuation with group insurances

Wealth Creation

Superannuation Advice

Superannuation though not in your everyday transaction account is your money and can be one of your biggest long term investments. Taking control of it now can help you get the most out of it when you need it most or when you are ready to transition from a working lifestyle later in life. There are a range of tax effective strategies that you can use to get the most from your super.
At Yanush Financial Services we can:

  • Find a super fund that suits your needs and meets your goals
  • Consolidate  your super funds into one to potentially save fees
  • Put in place super strategies to boost your super balance
  • Structure your super so your intended beneficiaries are ensured their entitlements

Call us today to discuss your options and to ensure your super is working in the right direction to meet your objectives.

Investment Advice

Beyond Superannuation there are a range of other strategies available to help you get the most from your investments. The key is to understand where you stand currently with respect to your finances, what your risk tolerances are with respect to investment and which strategies are right for your situation.

At Yanush Financial Services we can:

  • Advise and design an investment portfolio that is right for you
  • Discuss the benefits and risks of gearing strategies
  • Provide guidance on investing for a particular goal, e.g. for your child’s education
  • Discuss tax effective strategies.

Call us and a Yanush Financial Services Adviser can help you determine the best way to create wealth for you and your needs.

Managing Transition and Beyond

Retirement Planning

When you reach a stage in life where you are ready to transition from one lifestyle to another there is a lot to think about. Retirement being one of the most significant of these transitions, working out how much money you need in this stage of life is not easy. Working out how much you need for retirement is one thing and funding it is another. By planning your retirement early you can ensure you are taking advantage of the strategies that are available.
A Yanush Financial Adviser can help you to:

  • Plan a retirement strategy that suits your personal and financial circumstances
  • Evaluate different options available when moving toward to retirement
  • Develop tax–effective strategies that can help grow your capital and provide you with an income over time.

Call us to find out more about planning for your retirement:

Estate and Business Succession Planning

Today, almost every adult in the country has some assets to pass on whether it’s in a transition phase or when they die.  The question is do the assets reach the intended beneficiaries.
Whether it is a small balance in the superannuation or a business asset, failure to make appropriate plans, of which preparation of a will or a business plan is just a part, is essential for the comfort and wellbeing of remaining business partners, surviving relatives, or even a cherished pet, if that is your choice of beneficiary.

Call us to find out how we can help you with Managing Transition and Beyond.

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