Life Insurance

60% of families with dependants will run out of money within 12 months if the main income earner dies!” Source – TNS the issue of under insurance

Have you considered what may happen if you suddenly died or were diagnosed with a terminal illness?  How long could your family meet living expenses and mortgage repayments if something happened to you?  Could they keep the house? How would your spouse and children repay your loans? Would your children have to change schools?

What is it: Life insurance sometimes referred to death benefit or death cover provides a lump sum payout of money on death or on diagnosis of a terminal illness that will end in death within 12 months.

BENEFITS: Life Insurance limits if not eliminates likely financial hardship for dependants or people in an interdependent relationship. It helps pay for funeral expenses, outstanding debts, such as mortgage, and leaves a lump sum to be invested to cover the cost of future family needs such as children’s education.

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