Permanent Disability

“Did you know that for every home lost in a fire there are 4 homes lost through death and 48 homes lost through disablement.” Source – U.S. Government survey 2005

What if a serious injury or a serious mental or physical illness stopped you from working again?  How would you pay your everyday bills, clear your debts and yet manage medical and or rehabilitation costs? 

What is it: Total and Permanent Disability cover provides a lump sum of money if an accident or sickness leaves you unable to work either in your own or any other occupation again. While not working, TPD can cover you if an accident or sickness, e.g. paraplegia or depression, results in you not being able to live without assistance.

BENEFITS: Total and Permanent Disability helps limit the extent of, if not eliminates financial hardship in the wake of being unable to work again. The money could pay off debts and leave a lump sum to be invested to replace income. It could provide financial assistance to ensure your needs are taken care off and your family continues to maintain their existing lifestyle.

TPD insurance policies vary considerably across the insurers usually depending on your occupation. It’s important you seek expert advice from someone who understands the differences.

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  • You won’t spend wasted hours filling in multiple online quotations and the application process.
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