“Did you know 78% of Australians retired with less than $60,000 in Super.” Source – Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007

What would you retire with? Money is your super is yours so, when did you last review your super?  Is there a benefit in consolidating your super? Are you making the best of your super?

What is it: In Australia, superannuation investments are eligible for special tax concessions that are not available to other types of investments.  Superannuation is a tax structure and remains the most effective way to save for your retirement.

Super is your money, take control…

BENEFITS: Superannuation could be used as an effective vehicle to save up for retirement.

  • You receive significant tax concessions on your investment earnings;
  • You can add to your investment on a regular basis;
  • Your access to your investment is restricted, so you can’t be tempted to spend it before you retire;
  • You may be eligible to receive a tax deduction for your superannuation contributions;
  • Your superannuation can go with you when you move around the workforce.

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